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Let’s train your dog as your service dog

Personalized Service Dog Coaching

Unlock the potential of your beloved dog to become your very own service dog through our comprehensive private coaching program, available both in-person and online.

Our certified trainers are dedicated to guiding you every step of the way, regardless of your location. Whether you reside near our Indianapolis facility or in cities like New York, Miami, or Omaha, we can provide the support you need to train your dog to become a reliable service companion. Coaching sessions can be conducted in person or conveniently via Zoom, ensuring accessibility and flexibility.

We warmly welcome dogs as young as 6 months old into our training program, while dogs over 5 years old will require veterinary clearance. To ensure a successful journey, all dogs must pass our temperament assessment, allowing us to tailor the training program to their specific needs and abilities.

For those with younger puppies, our online puppy coaching program offers the assistance you need to lay a solid foundation for your future service dog. Even at this early stage, we provide valuable guidance and support through virtual sessions to help you navigate the crucial early stages of training.

Experience the empowering journey of training your own service dog with the personalized coaching and guidance of our certified trainers. Contact us today to begin your training adventure and forge a lifelong bond with your devoted service companion.

Discover the potential of your furry friend to become your own trained service dog, customized to assist you with your unique disability. Through our comprehensive program, we offer personalized guidance to help you train your dog to provide the vital support you need.

Personalized Assessment: We begin with a thorough preliminary assessment to evaluate your dog’s suitability for service training. This assessment allows us to understand their abilities and potential, ensuring we embark on a journey that aligns with your goals.

Tailored Training Sessions: Our expert team will work closely with you, providing regular one-on-one sessions to help you achieve your desired outcomes. Whether you prefer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meetings, we can accommodate your schedule. These sessions can take place in person if you live in the Indianapolis area, or conveniently online during our business hours, adapting to your specific training requirements.

Goal-Oriented Approach: We understand that each individual and their service needs are unique. That’s why our training program is tailored to both provide the necessary foundational behaviors and address your specific disability and support requirements.

Embrace the Power of Partnership: By harnessing the remarkable capabilities of your dog, we empower you to live a more independent and fulfilling life. Through our expertise and your dedication, you’ll build a strong bond with your service dog, forming a reliable and intuitive partnership.

Unleash the potential within your dog and embark on a transformative journey towards service dog training. Contact us today to schedule your personalized assessment and take the first step towards a brighter future of enhanced support and companionship.

Your dog trained as your service dog

Personalized and Professional


Our program is divided into 3 levels of training. In addition to your sessions with one of our accredited trainers, you’ll receive detailed step by step training plans for each one of the behaviors, as well as tutorial videos and flyers. At the end of each level of training, your dog will be assessed to make sure he/she is ready for the next level. We also prepare your dog for the AKC CGC evaluations.

How long does it take?

Learning at your pace


Based on the industry guidelines (IAADP), training any Service Dog takes on average from 6 months to a year depending on your dog’s age, on how much time you have to work with your dog, how quickly your dog takes to the training and whether there are certain behavior problems that need to be addressed. Overall you should expect to spend 120 hours of training and 30 hours or working out in public places to complete the entire program (see details below).

Our Service Dog Training Programs

Assessing Your Dog – $120


Prior to starting our training program, all dogs must be evaluated for temperament and trainability. The assessment provides an estimation of what your dog’s chances are of becoming a service dog. Passing the evaluation does not guarantee that your dog will make it all the way through the program, however, but it allows us to make sure your dog has a chance to be trained as your service dog.

During the assessment, we’ll also discuss your particular training needs and help you define a game plan to accomplish your goals.

Single Coaching Session – $120


If you need a session or two to address certain specific behaviors, booking single coaching sessions may be the way to go. You can schedule the sessions either at our facility at 6120 Allisonville Road, Indianapolis, IN or online if you live too far to drive to us.

Each session is an hour.

Individual Coaching Packages


You might need specialized coaching and would like to book several sessions at a time for a reduced cost.

Each session is an hour either at our facility or online.

Package of 3 sessions: $354.00
Package of 6 sessions: $660.00
Package of 10 sessions: $1050.00

Puppy Coaching – $75 subscription/month


You have a new puppy and are waiting to join our group classes or our Board & Train program. This program is perfect for puppies 3-6 months old. Get the help of one of our certified trainers and teach your puppy how to:

  • Stop biting
  • Potty outside
  • Accept a crate
  • Walk on a leash without pulling
  • Socialize with new dogs and people
  • and more

​The class is open to all puppies, pet dogs, and service dog candidates. Join the class once a week on Wednesdays from 6-7:00 EST.

Certifying Your Service Dog – $120


After completion of our training program, you’ll be ready to pass the Public Access Test along with the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. Both tests are given at the same time. The assessment is given in person in a public place in Indianapolis. We cannot assess your dog remotely.

Our Public Access Test is an assessment based on the test developed by Assistance Dogs International and has become the standard for most service dog organizations.

Once you pass the assessment, you will receive an ID and certification letter from us as proof that your dog has met our standards and is a fully trained service dog by all legal definitions of the law. This certificate is valid for one year.