Service Dog Training Online Classes

Learn how to train your dog as your service dog no matter where you live!

You already have a dog and don’t want to add an extra dog to your household? Do you want to avoid the long wait times to get a fully trained service dog? You would love to learn how to train your dog as your service dog? Your dog already helps you naturally and you would like to take his training further so he can be your service dog? You just can’t afford to pay for a fully trained service dog? Joining our group classes is the most cost-efficient way to get the service dog that you need. Our classes are catered to dog owners who wish to train their dogs to assist them or a relative with a disability.

Our curriculum takes a little over a year to complete and covers dog behavior and training techniques for up to 30 different commands and a minimum of 3 behaviors alleviating your disability. After completion of all the classes, you’ll have the option to pass the Public Access Test (PAT) and the Canine Good Citizen tests (CGC) when you come to our facility in Indianapolis IN. Certification is provided when you successfully pass the PAT.

How does it work?

Your roadmap to success


Our full package includes 35 hours of teaching, detailed training plans, and training logs, as well as coaching videos. 

Why train with Medical Mutts?

We only train service dogs


What makes our classes different than a regular obedience class? Training a service dog is very different than training a pet dog. Most dog trainers don’t have the experience and understanding of this type of training, as there are many small but important differences when training a service dog. Each level builds upon the previous one and when the dogs are not started off in the right way, there are many behaviors that will need to be corrected as we move forward.

How do we train?

Our methods are positive and effective


Our training methods are based on developing the dog’s confidence and desire to learn. We don’t use choke chains, prong collars or shock collars. You will learn to effectively teach your dog through positive reinforcement methods. Not only will you develop all the skills that you need, but you will also improve your communication and strengthen your relationship with your dog.

Does your dog qualify?

We’ll assess your dog


We accept dogs in our classes from 8 weeks old and 5 years old. Prior to being registered for our classes, all dogs must be evaluated for temperament and trainability. The assessment provides an estimation of your dog’s chances of becoming a service dog. Passing the evaluation does not guarantee that your dog will make it all the way through the program, however, since problematic behaviors can appear along the way, especially with younger dogs. Those changes may increase or decrease with time, training, and exposure to different stimuli. The cost for the evaluation is $100. Contact us to set up an appointment with our specialist.

Learn from anywhere!

Our classes are 100% online


Learn from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world. Our interactive live instruction is provided through Zoom, so you won’t need to travel to us or be concerned about getting exposed to the COVID-19 virus. You’ll receive links to supplemental documents, tutorial videos, supplies, etc. Everything you’ll need will only be a click away.

Medical Mutts Academy

Get the help you need to train your own service dog


The program is divided into 4 different modules. Each module builds upon one another and should be taken in the order 1 through 4. Dogs with previous training experience will still need to start with our foundation class unless they have worked with us privately and are ready to start one of our more advanced group class.

The Next Classes Start August 19th, 2023!

1-Foundation – $480


From ADA laws to training basics, this class will provide the foundation for all subsequent classes. You’ll learn how to properly socialize your service dog in training, how to deal with fear issues, how to keep a training log, and 10 of the foundational behaviors for service dogs.

You will learn how to teach your dog to:

  • Pay attention in all sorts of places
  • Settle on his bed
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Walk without pulling on the leash
  • Heel into position
  • Recognize a smell (medical detection)
  • Come when called
  • and much more…

We meet once a week for an hour. Duration 10 weeks.

2-Intermediate Obedience – $480


This module will focus on more advanced behaviors, including preparatory training for retrieving objects. We will increase the criteria of our foundation behaviors and add 10 new behaviors to the service dog’s repertoire.

You will learn how to teach your dog to:

  • Stay with distractions and distance
  • Lie under a table or under your legs
  • Pivot into position on your right side
  • Scent discrimination
  • Alerting behavior
  • Leave it
  • Roll on the side for care and grooming
  • and more…

Duration 10 weeks. 

3-Public Access – $360


Learn how service dogs should behave in public, how to deal with strangers and store managers, how to get the dog to stay under the table at the restaurant, and much more. Practice with our trainers in public places.

Duration 3 weeks. 

4-Advanced Training – $480


​​Let’s specialize your dog to meet your specific needs. 

  • Diabetes alert, seizure alert and/or response, allergies, or other scent-related problems. 
  • Autism, PTSD, anxieties, narcolepsy, or other related disabilities
  • Mobility problems
  • etc.


You will learn how to teach your dog to:

  • Alert to a drop in your BG, a seizure, a panic attack or other medical problem
  • Press a button
  • Get help
  • Retrieve objects
  • Turn lights on 
  • Apply deep pressure
  • Help with balance
  • Prepare for the AKC Urban Canine Good Citizen Test
  • and much more…