Our Service Dog Training Programs

Different options to fit your training needs

Getting a service dog can be challenging. We understand that cost and wait time can be important factors when you need a service dog to help you with a disability. We provide different levels of services so that we can help you based on your budget, your situation, and your needs. Your dog does not need any prior training before entering our program. We will teach them ALL they need to become a service dog, from basic obedience to advanced skills.

Board & Train

We train your dog for you at our facility.

If you would like for us to train your dog as your service dog, we can take your dog in for Board & Train. We use science-based force-free training methods that promote confidence, reliability, and motivation to work.

No previous training required. Dogs can enroll as early as 9 months old.

Private Coaching

Learn how to train your own service dog, in-person or online.

If you would like to train your own dog as your service dog, we offer private coaching & online distance coaching. You’ll learn at your own pace, all the training techniques that we use as well as notions of dog psychology.

No previous training required. 

Group Classes

Train your own service dog with team support and camaraderie.

Learn how to identify when your dog is stressed, stop unwanted behaviors and strengthen your relationship through better communication and understanding. This comprehensive curriculum will give you all the guidance you need to successfully train your dog as your service dog. Young puppies and dogs with no previous training can enroll.

How to Choose a Dog to Train as your Service Dog