Diabetic Alert Dogs

Enhance Your Diabetes Management with a Diabetes Alert Dog

Living with diabetes presents its own set of challenges. While modern technology has made significant advancements in monitoring glucose levels, the constant need for vigilance remains. Balancing glucose levels throughout daily activities can be a delicate juggling act. Unfortunately, there are instances when patients may not notice the onset of a hypoglycemic episode, leading to potential distractions or even sleeping through critical moments. The consequences can be frightening.

If you have lost the ability to sense these fluctuations, a diabetes alert dog (DAD) can make a remarkable difference. With their exceptional sense of smell, these dogs are trained to detect specific scents released when glucose levels fall or rise outside the normal range. Their keen senses allow them to alert you, reminding you to check your glucose levels and take necessary actions.

It’s important to note that a diabetes alert dog should never replace the use of a blood glucose meter or continuous glucose monitor. Instead, they provide an additional layer of security and a friendly, watchful presence that can greatly contribute to your peace of mind.

Discover the remarkable assistance and companionship a diabetes alert dog can provide in your journey to manage diabetes more effectively.


Although a diabetic alert dog (DADs) should never replace a blood glucose meter or a continuous glucose monitor, it provides an extra layer of security along with a friendly watchful presence for better peace of mind.

Why I dog a Diabetic Alert Dog with Medical Mutts

Along with Dr. Dana Hardin, pediatric endocrinologist, and Wes Anderson, a statistician at Lilly, Jennifer Cattet, Ph.D., owner of Medical Mutts are the first ones to have proven the ability of diabetic alert dogs to smell the difference between a low sample and a normal sample.

Discover How Service Dogs Detect Diabetes

Diabetic alert dogs possess a remarkable ability to detect changes in glucose levels, providing valuable assistance to individuals with diabetes. When these specialized dogs sense a shift in low (hypoglycemia) or high (hyperglycemia) glucose levels, they exhibit a unique and distinct behavior: vigorous pokes with their nose. This tactile alert serves as a prompt for the person to check their glucose levels. Unlike electronic devices that can be easily missed or ignored, a diabetes alert dog persists in their efforts until they receive a response. Moreover, our dogs are trained to perform additional actions, such as waking the person up, seeking help, activating a button to call a relative or emergency services, or even fetching glucose tablets or juice.

Our training methods are grounded in scientific validation and uphold the highest standards. The quality of our program extends beyond national borders as we provide guidance and support to organizations worldwide, assisting them in refining their own training protocols.

In addition to their exceptional alerting skills, our diabetic alert dogs are trained to meet or exceed the rigorous standards set by the International Association of Assistance Dogs Partners (IAADP). This comprehensive training ensures that your diabetes alert dog is well-prepared to pass the Public Access Test, granting you the freedom and confidence to take your companion to various public settings, including work, school, malls, restaurants, and more.

Experience the unmatched capabilities and reliability of a diabetes alert dog in managing your diabetes with heightened awareness and enhanced safety.