Adopt a Pet dog

Our Career Change Dogs

Service dogs must be able to work in all sorts of situations, from offices to crowded malls and busy supermarkets. We will do everything we can to help a dog succeed, but if a dog isn’t comfortable with this work, we never force him/her. Some dogs are simply not cut out for it.

Once we are sure it’s best for the dog, we’ll release him/her for adoption. We will find them a good home where they can be a loving pet.

We select dogs that are very friendly and love to be around people. Our dogs crave love and attention and are easy to train. We generally decide to release a dog within the first few weeks, sometimes after several months. How much training they receive from us depends on how long they stayed. The dogs continue to be trained until we find them a good home.

The reason we decide to release a dog can vary: nervous when out in public, prey drive, reactivity to other dogs, hip dysplasia, etc.

These dogs are not service dogs and cannot be trained as a service dog, but they will make wonderful pets to the right person.

Requirements to Adopt

  • Adopters must be at least 18 years old

  • Commit to treating the dog humanely as stated in the adoption contract

  • Commit to keeping the dog in good health

  • Be able to meet the dog at our facility

  • Commit to never use the dog as a service dog

How to Adopt

  • Visit our Petfinder page for a list of adoptable dogs

  • Download the application (PDF version or Word version)

  • Send your completed application to
  • Answer follow-up questions on the phone

  • Meet the dog at our facility

  • Sign the adoption agreement and pay the adoption fee ($150-$600 depending on training)