Foster a Service Dog in Training

Help a dog, train a dog, love a dog


You love dogs and would like to be involved in helping dogs as they undergo training to become Service Dogs? This is a great opportunity to learn more about dogs while making a difference.

All our dogs come from rescues and shelters. At different times in our training process, the dogs could benefit from spending time away from our facility and into a caring home:

  • As they first come out of the rescue or shelter, before they come to our facility. When dogs are surrendered, they go through a great deal of stress and need some time to recover. It’s also a time where you could help collecting valuable information about the dogs and making sure they will make good service dog candidates before they join the training program.
  • At any time during many months that it takes for us to train them, our dogs can sometimes use a break. You can help by taking a dog home on occasion, for a weekend or a holiday and just give them some needed R & R. 
  • Some of the dogs won’t make it through the program and will need to find a home. While they wait for the right family to come along, they would be more comfortable in a home environment.​

Foster a service dog in training


Requirements for a Foster Home


Foster dogs are looking for a safe and inviting place to stay. Requirements are minimum but we do ask:

  • Allowed to have dogs in the house/apartment
  • All members of the household are on board with fostering
  • Some dog experience using positive reinforcement
  • Physically capable of handling larger dogs
  • Calm household
  • Attend an orientation at Medical Mutts
  • Separate area for foster dog (away from other animals) if taking in a quarantine dog
  • Fenced yard a plus but not required. At minimum, you need to have a place to walk, potty, and play with the dog.
  • Sign a liability waiver and foster agreement
  • Disclose if you have diabetes, anxiety, or seizures. This is due to the fact that the dogs are being trained for these disabilities (this will not rule you out as a foster).