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This year we have:

  • ​Placed 15 service dogs

  • Rescued and found homes to over 60 dogs

  • Helped over 20 people train their dogs as their service dogs.

  • Proved that dogs can use scent to detect the onset of a seizure.

Together we can do more. Your Donation helps us train service dogs for people who need them by:​

  • Contributing to the cost of care of the dogs that we rescue, providing them with quality food and health care

  • Teaching them all the skills they need to become a service dog 

What do your donations do?

$5 – Every bit helps! Thank you!

$20 – Training toys

$50 – Training supplies for one dog: 1 month of training treats, click and treat pouch

$100 – Starter package for one dog: 1 bag of food, 2 toys, 1 leash, 1 harness, and a service dog vest

$250 – Food for one dog: all food needed during the training for 1 dog

$500 – Vet care for one dog: spay/neuter, microchip, flea/heartworm, shots, dewormer, and hip x-rays