How can you help?

With your help we can save more dogs and help more people

Foster a service dog in training

Love a dog, help a dog, train a dog


You love dogs and would like to be involved in helping dogs as they undergo training to become Service Dogs? This is a great opportunity to learn more about dogs while making a difference. 

All our dogs come from rescues and shelters. At different times in our training process, the dogs could benefit from spending time away from our facility and into a caring home:


  • As they first come out of the rescue or shelter, before they come to our facility. When dogs are surrendered, they go through a great deal of stress and need some time to recover. It’s also a time where you could help collecting valuable information about the dogs and making sure they will make good service dog candidates before they join the training program.
  • At any time during the 6 months that it takes for us to train them, our dogs can sometimes use a break. You can help by taking a dog home on occasion, for a weekend or a holiday and just give them some needed R & R. 
  • Some of the dogs won’t make it through the program and will need to find a home. While they wait for the right family to come along, they would be more comfortable in a home environment.​

Volunteer at the training center

Be an active participant in our mission


Volunteers help in a variety of tasks, from cutting treats, cleaning doggy messes to transporting dogs. All those tasks help save time to the trainers so they can focus on working with the dogs.

Volunteer at events

We need people to spread the word


We need volunteers to attend events, set up and tear down booths, interact with the public, making signs, stuffing gift bags, helping with registration, administrative duties, etc.

Event volunteers are scheduled by the event, so the schedule and work hours vary.