Seizure Alert Dogs

Seizure Alert Dogs and Seizure Response Service Dogs

Empowering Lives: The Benefits of Seizure Alert Dogs

Seizures can have a profound impact on individuals, affecting them in various ways and presenting significant challenges. However, with the assistance of a trained seizure alert dog, individuals can find comfort, safety, and vital support throughout the seizure process.

During a seizure, individuals often experience a loss of consciousness, confusion, altered senses, and uncontrolled movements. These episodes can be distressing and even dangerous. However, seizure alert dogs are specifically trained to detect and respond to the signs of an oncoming seizure, providing valuable assistance during and after the event.

How can a dog help with epileptic seizures?

Dogs can be taught to alert prior to a seizure and provide assistance during and after the seizure


Scientific studies have confirmed that dogs can be taught to detect a unique scent released before a seizure occurs. At Medical Mutts, our pioneering research identified a specific scent signature associated with seizures, which has been further validated by subsequent studies. While individual variations can impact the success of the alert, our innovative training methods have shown a remarkable success rate. The early alert provided by the dog allows individuals to prepare by lying down, minimizing the risk of injury during the seizure.

Regardless of the type of seizure, our dogs can be trained to recognize the scent and offer assistance. The frequency of seizures plays a role in determining the feasibility of training a dog for an individual. Dogs can be taught a range of tasks to perform during a seizure, tailored to meet each person’s specific needs. These tasks may include lying down against the person to prevent injury and provide comfort, seeking help, activating emergency response buttons, retrieving medication or refreshments after the seizure, and offering companionship and support throughout the episode.

Moreover, our seizure alert dogs undergo comprehensive training, mastering not only their seizure detection skills but also the behaviors required to pass the Public Access Test and exceed the minimum training standards established by the International Association of Assistance Dogs Partners (IAADP). This means that you can confidently and safely take your service dog to various settings, such as work, school, malls, and restaurants, knowing they have the necessary training to navigate public spaces effectively.

Experience the life-changing benefits of a seizure alert dog and embrace a newfound sense of security, comfort, and companionship during and after seizures. Let our highly trained dogs empower you to live life to the fullest with greater peace of mind.