Service dogs for other disabilities

Autism service dogs, Mobility service dogs, Facility dogs, and more

At Medical Mutts we specialize in the training of diabetes alert dogs, seizure dogs, and Psychiatric service dogs. Mostly, we are experts at training dogs to use their nose and develop that skill to help with medical conditions.

We do train for other conditions. Our team of certified trainers has years of experience training dogs for all sorts of tasks, including helping with an autism spectrum disorder, light mobility and other disabilities (narcolepsy, cataplexy, etc…).

Autism service dogs

Helper and social facilitator


A service dog can provide deep pressure to help a person calm down, encourage a person to get out of bed, help with mobility or balance issues, pick up objects, respond to an alarm, etc. They can facilitate social interactions and relationships and expand the child’s ability to communicate with others.

Mobility Service Dogs

Balance assistance and light mobility


A service dog can provide assistance to a person in a wheelchair or with balance issues. The dog can help with all sorts of tasks, from picking up objects to offer counterbalance. They are also a great social facilitator and companion.

Facility Service Dog

School, Funeral, Court, Medical Facility


A facility dog is an expertly trained dog who can provide support and care to people in need. Facility dogs work under the direction of a trained professional from the facility who has learned how to manage the dog and use the dog’s skills to motivate, reassure or calm down a client, a child, or a patient undergoing a difficult situation.