In-Home Medical Alert Dogs

What’s the difference between our Service Dogs and our In-Home Medical Alert Dogs?

Our Service Dogs are trained to ADA standards. This means that when our dogs are ready to be placed with someone, they have the ability to work in all sorts of public settings, pass the AKC Urban Canine Good Citizen Test and the equivalent of the ADI Public Access Test. They are comfortable and safe around people and can cope with changes in the environment. We certify that they have received the training required for service dogs. 

Sometimes, as the dogs progress through our training program, we notice certain behaviors that don’t fully comply with the ADA standards. Working in public settings is testing for most dogs, and some will be a little too anxious to be placed as Service Dogs with full public access. Those dogs have nonetheless received months of training and have completed our scent-training program. 

  • An In-Home Seizure Alert Dog is not allowed public access but can provide valuable assistance in the home and at night. Our Medical Alert Pet Dogs are scent-trained to alert to the onset of a seizure, get help, provide security and comfort, get medication, assist with balance and getting up.

  • An In-Home Diabetes Alert Dog is not allowed public access but will alert to changes in glucose levels, will get help, get medication and press alert buttons in a home environment.

In-Home Medical Alert Dogs

Why consider an in-home Medical Alert Dog?


  • Although they have received the same amount of training, because they can only work at home, In-Home Medical Alert Dogs are placed at a significant discount compared to Service Dogs with Public Access. 

  • Because dogs that can handle the challenges of Public Access are harder to find, the wait time for our In-Home Medical Alert Dogs is a lot shorter than for a Service Dog.

  • As with our Service Dogs, you will receive all the coaching you will need to develop a lasting partnership with your dog.