Meet Sylvie!

Sylvie is a year 1/2 old Labrador Retriever.

She came to us from Indianapolis Animal Care and Control – Indianapolis, IN

Sylvie LOVES people and loves to learn. She’s excited to learn and we have so much promise in her future! She was younger than most dogs that we take in, but Melissa, our Director of Training, saw so much potential in her that she took her out anyway. Sylvie was skinny and had lots of skin issues when she first came to us. She had to go to a foster home and get better before she could start training with us.

Sylvie is very sweet and smart. She loves to train and she loves people of all kinds. Her favorite pastime is to collect stuffed animals. She just can’t seem to have enough of them. When she gets excited, Sylvie will bounce around like a rabbit.