Meet Meeka!

Meeka is a 4-year-old German Shepherd.

Owner surrender

This lovely girl came to us quite traumatized from being separated from her person who could no longer care for her. She was overweight, had skin problems, and was whining a lot. As most German Shepherds do, this girl bonds very strongly with her person. She’s one who will follow around everywhere you go.

Now that she’s adjusted to our facility and to a new trainer, Meeka has shown us that she is very sweet and very easy around the house. She just has a lovely personality. She can also be active and loves going on long hikes.

She can be a picky eater but she loves cheese sticks. She also really likes stuffed squeaky toys, especially her rabbit and her decapitated unicorn head. If her trainer Michelle takes them to clean them, she will go find them in the laundry basket and carry them to her bed to lay on top of them.