Meet Jack!

Jack is a 2-year-old Shepherd mix.

He came to us from Almost Home Humane Society – Lafayette, IN

Jack is a smart, sweet, goofy, too-big-to-cuddle-but-thinks-he-can-anyway-boy with ADHD, he’s like the friend who starts to tell you a story and then gets distracted by something shiny! He sure doesn’t like to be ignored and will let you know it!

When all the other dogs have retreated into the shade he is guaranteed to still be basking in the sun catching some rays. He is not deterred by obstacles, whether they be objects, humans, or dogs (if he can jump it or just plow through it he will try) we have seen him jump over several large dogs to get to a destination! He’s super smart and learns new things fast despite being distracted by dust in the air. He is the patient’s older brother type and will let the other dogs chew and jump on him so long as they don’t block his sunshine. If he were human he would really like fidget spinners, lying on the beach, and going to gym class. Jack would be the perfect partner at fetch if he didn’t sometimes get distracted and forget to bring the ball back.