2022 Medical Mutts Service Dog Team Calendar Photo Contest

Start time July 17, 2022 08:00
Finished Time September 22, 2022 08:00

Medical Mutts Service Dogs Inc. is excited to announce our 2022 Service Dog Team Celebration photo contest!


Life is Better Together

Service dogs provide independence, loyalty, and loving assistance to an individual with a disability. In return, they find a permanent and caring home and a chance for a high-quality life. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship where they both rely on each other for care, support, and love.


Do you have a service dog? 

Show us your favorite picture of you and your service dog. The contest is about celebrating the relationship between people and their service dogs. Enter your favorite picture of you (or a relative) and your service dog. Look for ways to illustrate the bond, the love, the mutual help, and the partnership between you and your service dog.

With a minimum donation of $15, you may also feature your pet or service dog on a calendar day! This is a fun way to make a day of the year all about your dog. Pick a particular date, maybe your dog’s birthday, or the day you got your dog. First come, first served!