Our Story

The Founders

Nonprofit Service Dog Training

Medical Mutts was founded by Jennifer Cattet Ph.D. and her husband Jack Topham in 2013.  Our nonprofit organization dedicated to the training of high-quality Diabetes Alert Dogs, Seizure Dogs and Psychiatric Service Dogs while providing a new lease on life to shelter dogs.  

With a team of highly qualified and certified trainers, Medical Mutts offers different levels of services depending on each person’s needs, from fully trained service dogs to training owner dogs as service dogs or teaching owners how to train their own dogs.

How Medical Mutts Makes a Difference

Saving dogs, helping people, promoting kindness

  • We save dogs that have been abandoned
  • We promote the benefit of dog adoption
  • We provide quality service dogs
  • We promote ethical, force-free training and care of dogs
  • We dispute tradition and outdated training methods that cause distress to the dogs
  • We contribute to scientific advancement in the field of medical detection
  • We believe that ideas should constantly be challenged and supported by facts
  • We help dog owners with disabilities train their own dogs as a service dog
  • We educate about the role of service dogs
  • We teach professionals around the world how to train diabetes alert dogs and seizure alert dogs.