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Diabetic Alert Dogs – Seizure Alert Dogs – Psychiatric Service Dogs and more

Science based methods developed by international training expert Jennifer Cattet Ph.D.

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Medical Mutts is a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) dedicated to training rescue dogs as service dogs and promoting collaboration between dogs and people through science, education and ethical training.

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Help provide support for an individual in need of a service dog.
There are many ways to get involved from fostering to volunteering at our facility or event.
We have a new facility and events available for sponsorship.

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New Book: “Selecting and Training your service dog: How to succeed in public access work

New Book: “Selecting and Training your service dog: How to succeed in public access work

From Medical Mutts executive Director Jennifer Cattet Ph.D.: this new book will help you decide of the best way to get a service dog. You'll learn how to select and train your own service dog and everything you need to know about working in public. Some of the subjects covered are: - Will you benefit from a service dog? - How do you get a service dog? - How can you train your own service dog? - How to pick the right dog? - How do you train for public access? - How to deal with the public? - What are the laws in place, etc..

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